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An ongoing joke about toilet plungers is not to wait to need one before buying one. However, if you have one and you find yourself using it more and more frequently, you may need to call Dr Rooter, your local Columbia plumbing professionals. We are a 24-hour plumbing service founded in 1999 and take great pride in the honesty in our pricing. If you’ve got a major problem, we can fix it quickly day or night with no after hours fees. There are also free estimates during business hours if time is not of the essence.

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When Should You Consider Sewer Video Inspection?

Remodeling a room or two in your home, especially a bathroom or the kitchen, could call for sewer video inspection. However, it is usually only done when there is a clog that won’t go away. This process allows for the plumbing technician to see where the blockage is with pinpoint accuracy.

Not only does this limit the amount of work needed to get to the clog, but also it provides you with peace of mind that the repair is getting done properly the first time, avoiding major issues in the future.

What’s Causing Your Drains to Clog?

As far as plumbing systems are concerned, the most common issues many homeowners deal with on a daily basis are clogged drains. Although stores sell liquid cleaner, these options are very harsh and damaging on your pipes - and don’t complete the job.

Calling Columbia Plumbing Service Company will save your drains, pipes and YOU the hassle of repeat issues. In the event of a persistent blockage, we offer hydro jetting services that, when done by professionals, will quickly remove any debris allowing for restored flow.

There are a few ways to know if a drain cleaning is indeed what you need:

  • Toys: If there are children in the home, there is a high chance of a toy(s) being flushed down the toilet.
  • Grease: Your mom may have always told you not to pour grease down the drain. The reason for this is because it hardens and clogs things up.
  • Hair: You don’t have to have Rapunzel hair for it to be a reason to clog your sink or tub drain. Unfortunately, pulling at the surface problem will only enable flow for a small while.

To emphasize, pouring drain cleaner into your sink, tub, or toilet will not fix the problem long-term. The only way to guarantee a fix is to call a friendly professional with honest pricing methods.

Quality Plumbing Services from Dr Rooter

In an emergency, it’s important to know who to call and what to expect. It automatically takes away some of the stress associated with the problem. In non-emergency situations, having a professional you know will handle things quickly and fairly always makes for a pleasant exchange. At Dr Rooter we offer a full range of plumbing services including:

We pride ourselves on honesty and building relationships on trust. This is why we are transparent in pricing. When you call for a price, you’ll get it; no hidden fees and no upcharges once we’re onsite.

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