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Many of us take clean water for granted, but if you are concerned about the quality of your home’s water, it might be time to invest in a whole-home water filtration system. Water filtration systems are designed to provide your home with clean water day or night. Our skilled technicians at Dr Rooter Of Lexington can talk with you about the type of water filtration system that works best for your home and provide quick and quality installation services.

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What Are the Benefits of a Water Filtration System?

Water filtration systems consistently remove contaminants from your water, and a whole-home water filtration system connects directly to your water line so you and your family can enjoy clean water anywhere in your house. While clean drinking water is an obvious benefit of installing a water filtration system, there are many other, less obvious benefits you can reap from installing this system.

6 Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home Water Filtration System:

  1. Softens hard water: Hard water is the product of water being infused with minerals like calcium and magnesium. While hard water isn’t dangerous to drink, it can build up and damage your plumbing, lower your water pressure, stain bathroom fixtures, and more.
  2. Reduces plumbing repairs: An abundance of heavy metals and other contaminants can drastically reduce the lifespan of your plumbing system. Removing these toxins from your water prevents buildup of these chemicals .
  3. Saves you money: When you consistently buy bottled water, you might not be aware of how much money you are spending every month. If you are a family of four, you could be spending over $700 annually. With a water filtration system, you will no longer have this expense.
  4. Improves the taste of your water: Water filtration systems remove bacteria in the water that might cause unpleasant tastes and odors.
  5. Removes soap scum and deposits: Hard water doesn’t only affect your plumbing. In fact, hard water can leave calcium deposits on your clothes and soap scum buildup on your dishes.
  6. Reduces skin and gastrointestinal aggravation: Heavy metals present in unclean water can aggravate pre-existing skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Along the same lines, parasites and bacteria that live in unclean water can lead to intestinal issues.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Dr Rooter Of Lexington offers a variety of whole-home water filtration systems for you to choose from. We provide this variety so you have a filter that perfectly fits the needs of your home and budget.

Our most popular systems are:

  • Carbon filters: These systems use activated carbon filters to remove harmful contaminants in your water supply. This effective and cost-efficient filter system is our most popular choice.
  • Reverse osmosis: These systems utilize tanks to transfer water from a high concentration of contaminants to a low concentration. This transfer process ensures that your water is safe for consumption.
  • Water softeners: If your home draws well water, this is the right system for you. Water softeners remove minerals like calcium, lime, and magnesium from your water supply.

Our skilled plumbing technicians at Dr Rooter Of Lexington are a part of the community, and we are committed to keeping our community’s drinking water safe and clean.

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