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There is nothing more unnerving than realizing your toilet is clogged. Dr Rooter in Lexington, SC has been unclogging toilet drains for decades. Our licensed plumbers can clear your toilet drain of any obstacles that may be causing your unit not to flush.

Sometimes a clogged toilet can be a sign of a potentially larger issue just around the corner. Or, you may just need a new toilet installation. Or, the drain line itself could be causing the problem and not the unit itself. Many things can cause a clog, such as too much toilet paper, hair, paper towels, kids toys and other objects. Hard water deposits in the water can also result in frequent clogging.

How You Can Fix A Clogged Toilet

There are steps that you can take as a homeowner to unclog your toilet. These methods are tried and true and will clear a clog. However, they are often temporary fixes. Still, it is worth to try the following before calling a plumber:

  • Plunger - Your plunger is your friend. It can be very effective in clearing a simple clog and you can buy an inexpensive plunger at any hardware store;
  • Auger - a tool similar to a plumbing snake, used to force the clog out; these are also available at any hardware store;
  • Baking soda and vinegar - a non-toxic remedy that can sometimes unclog drain clogs; you can find these at your local supermarket;
  • Liquid soap - is another safe option; not always effective, but worth a try;
  • Wet/dry vacuum - forces the clog in or out of the drain; you can find a wet/dry vacuum at department stores;

Dangers of a Clogged Toilet

We all agree that a clog can be a real nuisance. However, this issue can also bring with it a host of other important issues. Stagnant water can result in health issues, and that alone is reason enough to get it repaired immediately. Backed-up toilet water is dirty, and a breeding ground for bacteria, which adds more to your health concerns. Bad odors are also an issue. You may not realize it, but unpleasant odors can cause stress, anxiety, and headaches. A clogged drain can also exacerbate symptoms of asthma and allergies, even skin irritation.

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