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A drain camera inspection is when a line is run through your pipes in an effort to discover any blockages or issues. This line will have a camera at the end that lets you see details on high-definition video and close up. The camera might also reach down the pipes that lead from faucets and bathtubs to your sewer line, or down the sewer line.

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What Does an Inspection Look Like?

This is when a camera at the end of a long cable is inserted through the sewer line. It will take pictures that are sent back to a monitor for viewing, or they can also be recorded to be viewed at a later time. In addition, a water flow may be run through the pipes during the inspection to see the direction of the flow. Drain video inspections are important to determine the condition of pipes below ground. They can also be helpful in finding other issues like loose joints or leaking, tree roots, or deteriorated pipes.

Do You Need a Drain Camera Inspection?

In general, video inspections are not a daily occurrence in the world of plumbing. However, they do come in handy if you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. You may want to visually inspect your sewer line to ensure that it can handle the increased water demand of your project. Additionally, video inspections can also be used if you have a blockage somewhere in your line that does not respond to plunging, liquid drain solutions or even augering.

Video drain inspections are offered by many reputable plumbing contractors, because of their efficiency and thoroughness. At Dr Rooter Of Lexington, we are proud to offer free estimates, 24/7 emergency service and a satisfaction guarantee on every job we do. Our team will never charge for after hour service and our prices are always honest and fair.

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