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Backflow is the term used in plumbing when an unwanted flow of water pushes in the opposite direction. When water supplies become contaminated with foul water, it can pose a severe health threat to those occupying the home or business. If you think you may have this problem in your home, it is important that you have it checked immediately. Dr Rooter Of Lexington in Lexington, SC can run a series of backflow tests to determine if your water supply is contaminated.

When pressure in a tank is lower than the water system’s pressure, backflow will occur. This will cause contaminated water into your water supply. Backpressure can also result in backflow. This is when there is higher water pressure in a home or building that forces contaminated water into the public water system. This can potentially allow contaminants into the drinking water system. Backflow prevention devices are available which can prevent water contamination from in your water supply systems. They maintain the right pressure in order to enable water to flow to different parts of your home.

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Backflow Testing

Sometimes an issue in your plumbing system can be very obvious. You may notice a foul smell coming out of your faucet when you turn it on, or you may notice that your water supply is discolored. Water that has been tainted with contaminants can be hazardous to your health.
It is possible to have backflow contamination and not know it. For this reason, it is important to have backflow testing done by a plumbing company that is licensed to find these issues. If your system fails the inspection, the knowledgeable technicians at Dr Rooter Of Lexington will make the necessary recommendations to resolve the problem.

Backflow Prevention

You can take preventative measures by installing a device in your plumbing system that will protect your drinking water from becoming contaminated. A special backflow valve installed in the plumbing system can prevent contaminated water from entering your home’s water supply. Some cities may even have building codes that require tests and prevention devices in residential and commercial structures. Regular maintenance can ensure that you never have an issue arise. Dr Rooter Of Lexington in Lexington is your expert local plumbing company. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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