How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall

A house decorated with pumpkins for fall.

Summer sure did fly by, and now it’s time to start thinking about the changes we’ll be making for fall! Before you pick out the kids’ Halloween costumes and decorate your porch with pumpkins, you’ll need to make sure your plumbing system is in check for all of the fall fun.

We’ve put together a simple list for you to check off as the weather starts cooling down. Keep reading to find out!

Service Your Water Heater

In order to take a nice, hot shower on a cold day, you’ll need hot water, which means your water heater will need to be working at optimal performance. The beginning of fall is the best time to have your water heater serviced because you’ll be able to catch any issues with it early enough before the cold weather really kicks in. To schedule your water heater tune-up, give us a call at (803) 398-2090.

Shut off Your Sprinklers

During the warmer months, hoses and sprinkler systems can be very useful, but there really is no need for them during the fall and winter. If you leave a hose hooked up to one of your outdoor faucets, the water in the pipe can freeze once the weather cools down.

Clean Your Gutters

It’s no surprise that once fall comes, there is a significant amount of leaves that will fill your yard. Yes, the change in leaf colors are aesthetically pleasing to the exterior of your home, but the leaves also fill your gutters. Make sure to clear your gutters of any leaves and debris regularly throughout the season as they are there to prevent overflows on the foundation of your home.

Check for Leaks

You probably spent a lot of time outside this summer and might have been putting off fixing any leak or dripping faucets in your house. Now that we’re about to be inside more often, it’s time to check your fixtures and pipes for any noticeable leaks. If you let a leak go unfixed, do you know how much water can be wasted? This can also cause a serious increase in your water bill.

If you need any leaks fixed or your water heater serviced before the new season starts, Dr Rooter of Lexington will be right out to help! Contact us today by calling (803) 398-2090 or filling out our online contact form for more information.