Why is My Toilet Rusty?

A rusty toilet.

If you really think about it, your toilet is one of the most commonly used fixtures in your home, so you definitely don’t want to be seeing rust in your toilet every time you use the bathroom, right? Between each member of your household using the same toilet over and over, you’re bound to see some rust stains here and there. However, if the stains keep coming back or they just simply won’t go away, it can tend to be embarrassing, especially if you have guests over.

In this blog, you’ll learn about why you might be seeing rust in your toilet and we’re here to let you know that it might not be because you’re doing something wrong!

Hard Water

If you live in an area with hard water, this means there are higher iron levels in the water that can turn it into the brown color we know as rust. This is something that is definitely not your fault as a homeowner, but it is still something to be aware of. If you find yourself constantly scrubbing the inside of your toilet and the rust keeps coming back, hard water could be to blame. At Dr Rooter of Lexington, we offer a variety of water filtration services that can take care of this problem!

Outdated Toilet

Do you know how old your toilet is? Outdated toilets are often made up of parts that are not rust-resistant like the materials are today. The outdated components are often more prone to breakage and will spread the rust around the inside of the toilet bowl, creating that unsightly ring inside the toilet that no one likes to see.

Old Pipes

If you aren’t too familiar with your pipes and plumbing system, it’s never too late to educate yourself! Did you know if your pipes are cracked or damaged, rust can begin to develop where water and oxygen meet? If there’s rust in your pipes, it can make its way into your toilet. If you think your pipes are the reason you’re seeing rust in your toilet, our team offers a variety of repiping services.

Whether it’s hard water, damaged pipes, or an outdated toilet, Dr Rooter of Lexington has you covered! If you’re dealing with constant rust in your toilet and you don’t know where to start, give us a call at (803) 398-2090 and we’ll be happy to help.