Is it Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

A newly remodeled residential bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. It’s usually the first room you walk to when you wake up in the morning and the last room you’re in before you head to bed each night. Due to the fact that your bathroom is so frequently used, it’s important that it’s kept in tip-top shape for you and the rest of your household. Not only can outdated bathrooms cause an inconvenience for your household, but they can also take away from the relaxing feeling we want while we’re taking a shower, washing our face, or doing other daily bathroom activities.

Although home remodeling projects can be quite intimidating at first, they are sometimes necessary. While bathroom remodels require a lot of money and patience, the end result is well worth the wait once you’ve added value to your home and created your own personal spa-like room. In this blog, you’ll learn about the signs that it’s time to remodel your bathroom. Keep reading to find out!

Outdated Fixtures

If you can’t remember the last time your toilet was replaced or your shower and tub are leaking, it might be time to start thinking about replacing your fixtures. Not only can a leaking faucet, shower, or toilet cause damage to your floors, but it can also significantly increase your water bill. While outdated fixtures aren’t exactly nice to look at, the types of issues that come along with them, such as dripping and leaking, can cause mold and mildew to grow in your bathroom.

A wobbly toilet is another sign that it might need replacement soon. No one wants to sit down on their porcelain throne and feel unsteady or off-balance. Tightening a few bolts might fix this problem, but in more serious cases, there could be a leak in the floor where the toilet stands.


Like we mentioned above, leaks and moisture in your bathroom is a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. However, if you’re already seeing mold in your bathroom, it’s time to act on it now. Mold is not something that can go ignored as it can cause serious health issues for your household. If you’re seeing mold and mildew growth in your bathroom, you have to ask yourself what you can do to prevent this from happening again and how you can take care of the issue at hand. Perhaps you have a leak under your bathroom sink causing the mold or your toilet is dripping on the floor. Either way, mold is something that must be taken care of right away.

Old Floors

There’s nothing worse than walking into your bathroom and stepping onto cracked tiles or worn out floors. Outdated flooring can be quite dangerous as you and your household could be more prone to slipping or falling. Replacing your bathroom floors is one of the biggest ways to dramatically change its overall appearance. At Dr Rooter of Lexington, we recommend replacing old flooring because it’s one of the easiest ways to get the best return on investment. There are even less expensive options, such as porcelain, ceramic, or vinyl that look much more expensive than they are.

Little to No Storage

If everything feels like a tight squeeze in your bathroom, start thinking about what you can to maximize your storage space. Although upgrading to a vanity can be quite costly, it truly adds a significant amount of value to your property and will make your daily bathroom routine much easier. Struggling to squeeze your bathroom products and accessories behind the cabinet or under the sink can be very inconvenient, so upgrading to a vanity can be a huge help.

Lexington Bathroom Remodeling

At Dr Rooter of Lexington, we offer a variety of bathroom remodeling services, from shower and tub installation to vanities and flooring. If you’re ready to take the next step in your bathroom remodeling project, give us a call at (803) 398-2090 and we’ll be happy to share details with you on how we can bring your bathroom back to life.