Are Bath Bombs Bad For Your Plumbing?

Bath bombs

When you get home from a long day at work, how do you wind down and relax? Do you go for a run? Cook a nice meal? Pour a glass of wine? Or take a bath? All of these are great options, but one of them could leave you with a messy plumbing problem.

It’s not that a bath is inherently bad for your plumbing; it’s some of the items you might add to your bath that could cause you some trouble. For instance, bath bombs have been known to do some damage.

Why Are Bath Bombs Bad For Your Plumbing?

Bath bombs are one of the newer trends in relaxing baths. They’re fun balls that you toss into water that dissolve in a fizzy flurry of bubbles, colors, and scents. But not all of these materials actually dissolve all the way.

Some of the problems this creates include:

  • Undissolved salts. Salt is one of the main ingredients of bath bombs, but they don’t always breakdown the way they should, leaving chunks that can get caught in the drain, on hair, or other pieces of debris.
  • Oils. Another ingredient of a bath bomb is oil, and as I’m sure you’ve heard before, oil is bad for your drains! Even when liquefied, it will eventually cool and form a solid, clogging your drain.
  • Other elements. Some bath bombs come with glitter, flower petals, confetti, and other non-dissolvable pieces. They make the bath look beautiful but can cause problems as the bathtub drains.
  • Never use a bath bomb in a hot tub! The particles can cause irreversible damage to the jets and filters.

Is your bathtub currently draining slowly because of a bath bomb gone wrong? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for drain cleaning help!

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