Plumbing Sounds To Listen For

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Any unknown or weird noises coming from any plumbing fixture or your system in your home is not a great sign.

Here are a few noises to keep an ear out for when it comes to your plumbing.


Rumbling can often come from toilets and water heaters. If it’s your toilet it could be from the fill valve working improperly.

When it comes to your water heater and other systems, it could be an impact of the mineral build up in your system.


When you hear rattling, it is most likely not a snake crawling around your home or through your plumbing. Rattling of your pipes can be caused when water is moving. A little bit of vibration is not a bad thing, but if it becomes louder and louder, it could be a sign of a plumbing problem.


The screeching noise, like nails on a chalkboard can give many people the creeps and goosebumps.

It is also a creepy noise we often see in horror films, so when your faucet does it when turning it on and off, it will concern you.

It isn’t necessarily a problem with high water pressure or the sink itself. Pieces of the fixture could be loose or defective. If this is the case the easiest fix is usually replacing the faucet.


Banging noises can sometimes be known as a water hammer. A water hammer is when high water pressure causes a banging noise.

The noise may occur when appliances such as your dishwasher or washer stop, as well as turning on and off the faucet.

High water pressure can cause leaks overtime if not treated properly.


Dripping sounds can often indicate a leak. Even the smallest leak can cause issues. Some can go unseen and unnoticed for months.

Be sure to call our leak detection professionals when you suspect a leak in your home.

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