Reasons to Consider a Professional Drain Cleaning

plumber fixing sink

Drain cleaning is a process that can affect your entire plumbing system. Sometimes the extent of the issue can be bigger than a simple clogged drain, and if you try to clean it yourself, it can do more harm than good.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Harmful

A store-bought drain cleaner can seem like a simple option, but the chemicals in the ingredients can be harmful to your personal health and your plumbing system.

The chemicals can often erode your pipes from the inside out. This can cause bigger problems such as leaks. Also, since your plumbing is all connected, it can affect all areas of the home.

DIY Cleaners Don’t Always Work

DIY cleaners may help for a while, but the issue or clog can always come back.

These cleaners may solve the little issues of a small clog, but if you have an obstruction, it will not be able to do the trick.

Your plumbing system in your house is connected and if a root from a tree outside grows into a pipe, it can cause an obstruction or issue that you may not be able to see.

Diagnosing the Problem

When calling a professional for your drain cleaning can help diagnose the problem quickly and correctly.

Even a small clog should not be ignored. Call a plumber at the first sight of trouble to prevent future damage.

Water Flow

A clog restricts water flow. Soap residue, grease, or any other build-up can affect the flow of water.

Oftentimes, professional drain cleaning can improve water flow in your home in the long term.

Preventing Future Clogs

You can prevent clogs by keeping your drains in tip-top shape. Taking steps daily by knowing what is going down your drains throughout your home, can help prevent issues. If you are questioning if your drain needs cleaning, it is safe to schedule one. The best way to prevent issues is to have preventative maintenance done prior to the problem.

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