Let Yourself Know The Inside of a Professional Plumber's Job

What Plumbers Do May Surprise You

When people think of plumbers, they think of clogged toilets and pulling hairballs out of the shower drain, but in reality, they handle a lot more than that. From waste disposal and appliance maintenance to installing full pipe systems, plumbers make modern life possible.

Unless you’re living without indoor plumbing and appliances, chances are you owe a lot more credit to plumbers than you imagine. This article will be covering some of the surprising tasks you didn’t know your plumbing contractor was responsible for.

How Waste Disposal Works In Your Home

waste disposal

Waste disposal isn’t something most people think about on a daily basis. You live in your home and everything goes down the drain or toilet, and not a thought goes toward how it all works. Luckily there are plumbers who do know how it works and they’re available to help.

The waste disposal system in your home starts with all of the drains and pipe systems. These systems use gravity to move wastewater through large pipes toward a central sewer line, which then removes the waste to your septic tank or sewer system.

Close to your drain, you’ll see a u-shaped pipe called a trap. This part of your pipe system holds water to prevent sewer gases from entering your home and it is required by code. Once household waste from your drains, garbage disposal, and toilet starts making its way through your home it passes vents that allow air in to encourage the waste to keep flowing out.

If your vents get clogged with leaves or bird nests, suction is created in your pipes that could stop the flow of waste toward the main sewer line. It’s important to make sure nothing is blocking your vents in order to ensure your sewer or septic system doesn’t get backed up.

The Importance of Appliance Maintenance

Another important job for plumbers is appliance maintenance. Think about how many appliances in your home use water. Depending on your household size, one appliance being down for even a day can cause a big disturbance in your schedule. There are the usual suspects like your water heater and garbage disposal, but let’s not forget about the ice maker in your refrigerator, your washing machine, and your dishwasher. All of these require special plumbing to get the water from the main water line to your appliance.

appliance maintenance

Imagine life without these modern appliances. You would be boiling water for a hot bath. You’d have to worry about a foul smell from your trash bin from all of the rotting food and you’d need to secure your bins so animals don’t scavenge through them. You’d be back to using ice cube trays instead of having it on-demand.

You’d be washing your clothing in a basin after transporting the water for each wash and rinse. You’d also be hand washing all of your dishes in that basin too! Luckily there are plumbers to help keep all of your modern appliances running smoothly, so you don’t have to feel like you’re in the stone age.

How Your Home’s Pipe System Supplies Water On Demand

pipe system

Your home’s pipe system isn’t likely something you think about on a daily basis, but it is an integral part of daily life. Clean water enters your home through a main water supply line that’s connected to your city’s main water supply or to a well if you’re on well water.

Once it enters your home through the main supply line, a water pump pumps it through your pipe system, eventually splitting off into a cold water supply line and another line that goes to your hot water heater.

Certain appliances require only cold water, like your toilet and refrigerator, and others require both hot and cold water, like your dishwasher, showers, sinks, and your washing machine. After the water heater heats your water, it runs through a pipe that runs parallel to the cold water pipe. From here it splits off toward each appliance until the water reaches its final destination for use.

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