Excited For Spring Cleaning? Get Some Help!

It seems like there are solidly two types of people. Those who love spring cleaning and those who aren’t insane. All jokes aside, whether or not you like the deep scrubbing that comes with spring cleaning or not, we can all generally admit that it’s something that has to be done.

However, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Some jobs need the help of a professional plumber and then you can be on your way. Whether you realize it or not, outside of wiping counters and scrubbing floors, you should also be paying attention to your water quality as well.

Prevent Clogs, Perform Drain Cleaning

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that water isn’t the only thing that makes it down our drain. In the kitchen, bits of food and other cooking trash discover their way down the sink, regardless of whether you have a garbage disposal.

In your restrooms, you'll discover huge amounts of hair from every one of the creatures that use your sinks and showers. Left unchecked, these items can without much of a stretch, cause a stop up that backs your drains, leaving your sink and showers unusable.

Rather than sitting tight and waiting for the problem to arise, plan some regular drain cleaning. Having it kept up is much less expensive and critical than having a plumber come and snake your channel to get out a clog. Spring Cleaning is a phenomenal suggestion to have this basic service performed.

Avoid Disaster, Keep up on Sewer Cleaning

As much as it can be considered impolite to talk about, we all know what goes on in the bathroom and how important our sewer system is to our everyday life.

That’s why we all know it is absolutely crucial to keep our sewer system running in perfect condition.

Even knowing that fact, it is astounding to realize how many homeowners don’t keep up on maintaining their sewer lines. It is even more mindblowing when you consider the fact that maintenance on sewer lines just involves scheduling a regular cleaning.

Spending Little Cash Now = Saving Lots of Money Later

What’s probably crossing your mind is the idea that these services cost money. You would be right, they do. However, the costs of these services are quite responsible, especially in light of the possible consequences of ignoring them.

A clog or a backup in either your drains or your sewers can easily wind up costing you hundreds of dollars, especially when you consider the fact that you will likely need to pay emergency rates.

Instead of forking out these expensive repairs, regular maintenance can occur at your leisure and will cost you far less. Spending a little bit of money now will help ensure that you don’t have to spend a ton later. Even if you like Spring Cleaning, we all know that the best part of the annual chore is when it is behind us and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

After all, Spring means the start of barbecues outside, longer days, and the end of a bitter and cold winter. Get your Spring Cleaning off on the right foot by calling a plumber at Dr. Rooter at 803-398-2090 and set your appointment to have your drains and sewer lines cleaned.

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