Bathroom Plumbing Information and Toilet Emergency Prevention

Bathroom Plumbing Tips to Help Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

Thanksgiving means the start of the holiday season and the beginning of many festive events. From big family dinners to festive holiday parties, it’s a time of year when there are lots of people coming and going through your home and your bathroom. While it’s a joyful time of year, it’s also a time that puts added strain on your plumbing systems.

And, there are few things less pleasant during a holiday party or gathering than a bathroom plumbing emergency. Here are some tips from professionals to help you avoid common toilet and plumbing emergencies.

Preventing Clogged Toilets

clogged toilet

clogged toilet is unpleasant at any time, but it’s particularly concerning and problematic when you’re entertaining. Avoid this hosting nightmare by being proactive about taking care of the bathroom and your plumbing system.

It’s important to never put anything in the toilet except for toilet paper. And, you don’t want to put too much of that. It’s helpful to remember that your toilet is not a garbage can and anything that’s not toilet paper should go in the garbage.

To help your pipes run smoothly, it’s also important to never put grease down any of your drains. Finally, keep a plunger near your toilet. This will enable you or your guests to quickly and discreetly handle small clogs before they become a major problem.

Addressing a Blocked Sewer Line

Sometimes when you flush the toilet, the water will go up rather than down. This can be a sign of a blocked sewer line. Your home’s wastewater drains down and out of your home and into your main sewer line. When this line gets blocked, there is nowhere for wastewater to go. If the block is not cleared, sewage and waste will begin flowing up and into the drains in your home.

blocked sewer line

To avoid this plumbing nightmare, it’s a good idea to regularly have your main sewer line inspected and cleaned. This will enable you to deal with any areas of build-up before they become a major problem.

Staying on Top of Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenance

The best way to avoid plumbing emergencies is by staying up to date with preventative maintenance. Drain cleaning services are one good way to do this as they help to ensure that all drainage lines are clear and clean.

Drain cleaning can help eliminate any and all types of clogs and often comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any concerns about your pipes or are in need of drain cleaning, contact your local professionals. They will be able to inspect your pipes and provide any cleaning and repair services needed to ensure that they’re functioning properly, including burst pipe repair, hydro jet drain cleaning, whole home repiping, and more.

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