What to Avoid Putting Down the Drain

Sink drain with water running

Listen, we know mistakes happen and you may put something down the drain that you shouldn’t have; you're not alone. In fact, we've all been there — but it is really important to understand what isn't the best for your pipes, which is what we're here to do!

What's Not Okay to Go Down my Sink Drain?

Any Drain Cleaning Products

Okay, we know this is a simple, fast DIY way to unclog your drains. However, they can cause detrimental effects on your pipes and the environment. If you're looking for a DIY that won't destroy your pipes, baking soda, Borax, lemon juice, and vinegar can do the trick. But, these are all very temporary fixes and can potentially cost you more in the long run.


If you're in the mood to get crafty and want to paint like Van Gogh — that's great! But, what's not great for your sink is discarding paint down the drain. Paint dries up quickly, and even if it's wet when you pour it down the drain, it won't stay like that for long. As the paint dries, it becomes easier for your sink to clog — and who really wants paint, of all things, to be the reason their sink clogs?

Certain Foods and Ingredients

When you're in the moment cooking a delicious meal, it may seem easy to discard your ingredients or leftover food down the drain — but that should be avoided at all costs. Food, like pasta, will expand in your drain as the water hits it; and flour will clog your drain, as well as because it becomes pasty. Also, please, we beg you, don't discard cooking fats or cooking grease down your drain! That's a whole mess in and of itself that will clog your drains — and the fats could eventually start to smell.

If Your Drain is Still Clogged…

Sometimes unclogging your drain the DIY way doesn't always work. If that's the case, the Dr Rooter of Lexington team is ready to help! Call us at (803) 398-2090 for all your plumbing needs!

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