Did you take a nice hot shower this morning? Chances are that you did. Now, think about another question. What are your plans on May 27? Chances are that you’re planning something special, like having a cookout, seeing some fireworks or going to the shore.

Have you thought about Memorial Day, which used to be known as Decoration Day, and what it means? There are many men and women who have served in the armed forces and lost their lives fighting for us to have the freedom to work, play and worship as we like, as well as have the luxuries such as hot water.

These are men and women who have often endured innumerable hardships in the name of freedom. Below are some of the ways that you can thank them.

Decoration Day - The Start of a Tradition

Memorial Day has not always been known by that name. The tradition first started with Decoration Day. After the civil war, it was a tradition to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers and friends with flowers, wreaths, and other recognition - hence the name, decoration.

Through the years and the different wars, the tradition continued, giving families an opportunity to grieve and citizens a chance to honor those who fell for our rights and freedoms. Today, Memorial Day is noted as the start of summer - weather that’s a barbeque, NASCAR races, golf tournaments, or parades and honoring veterans and family, it’s become an important tradition for the American people.

The Importance of Honoring Our Veterans

If you want to make a big difference this Armed Forces Day, visiting a veteran can help. Get in contact with one of the veterans’ hospitals or nursing homes and talk to them about visiting a wounded or older veteran.

Going to visit one of them can brighten their day and help them know that they haven’t been forgotten. Too many veterans are sad and lonely and having someone come and visit them can make all of the difference.

You can also bring them a gift to brighten up their day even more. Additionally, be sure to do your best to help your neighbors and friends, as this is a time to celebrate comradery and patriotism.

We Want to Truly Thank Our Clients

At Dr Rooter, we want you to know that we always appreciate all of our clients. However, our clients who have a loved one in the armed forces hold a special place in our hearts. It’s because of them that we have a wonderful place to live and to work.

There are so many things many take for granted, and that’s why we appreciate their sacrifice. This year, on Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day, make sure that you aren’t just having picnics with your family and going to the shore.

Educate your children about the importance of these two holidays and tell them what it truly means. If you know of someone who served the country, go and visit them.