Drain Cleaning is a Commitment With True Value

It's Valentine's Day again, or at least it's close to the big day, and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do for that special someone that makes your heart leap. Is it the year that you'll get down on one knee and propose, or perhaps this is the year that he'll propose to you.

Maybe it's the year you'll plan a big trip together, or maybe you're thinking about breaking off the relationship before the holiday ever happens. There are so many possibilities and it's interesting to us what way couples decide to take things.

We know commitment is hard and scary, and it's the reason many relationships don't make it, but if you can get past the fear of commitment great things can happen. No, we're not talking about long-lasting love, we're talking about healthy pipes!

Committing to regular drain cleaning is the perfect way to show your plumbing system you really care about it. Plus, it could save you some money, and who doesn't need more money around the holidays.

Why is Drain Cleaning Important?

Drain cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your homes plumbing system because it removes the gunk that causes problems.

Built up hair, grease, and other particles clog systems, they increase the pressure of your plumbing system and they force your pipes and everything else to work harder.

Getting a professional drain cleaning a few times a year is a good way to cut down on all of those issues. Many people get one done annually, but paying for at least one more cleaning is a good way to protect your home and to prevent problems from occurring that require more extensive servicing.

Scour Those Pipes With Hydro Jetting

For those people out there that want the cleanest pipes possible, hydro jetting is the service for you.

This service sends a thin hose with a pulsing stream of water down your drains. The water floods out at around 4,000 PSI and pressure washes the inside of your pipes effectively.

Grimy pipes go from being coated with junk, to being clean and fresh. The service can be done annually and makes a world of difference, especially on older pipes with significant clog issues.

Clean Your Pipes Your Self: The DIY Approach

DIY drain cleaning isn't something we recommend, at least not if that's all you're going to do for your home's plumbing. You can help keep your pipes clean with a few steps taken each week or month though.

Pour boiling water down the drains to clear up some clogs or light build up. You can do this as often as once a week if you like. Add hair catches in your shower and bathtubs to keep clogs from occurring there. Empty them after each use and you can really cut down on plumbing problems at those fixtures.

The DIY approach doesn't work for every problem though, sometimes you'll have to call for professional help. If you're renting and looking to save as much as possible, doing drain cleaning yourself is probably the right approach. If you have a home you care about, with pipes you want to last, you should pay for a professional drain cleaning at least once a year.

We can help you make that important commitment to your home, just call us at 803-398-2090 and we'll get you all sorted out. Hopefully, your Valentine's Day will work out well too and maybe getting comfortable with commitment will serve as a nice benefit to other areas besides your home's plumbing too.

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