What You Need to Know About Plumbing Materials

A plumbing apprenticeship is the best time to learn everything and anything about plumbing and the materials you’ll be using to provide homeowners in your area with long-lasting solutions. While having the right tool is essential for getting a job done right, having the right materials is just as important.

Not only does it make your plumbing repair job easier, but also it ensures that your customer has the right system that won’t simply leak or break in the near future. By choosing the best materials that also work within their budget, you’re setting yourself up to ensure long-lasting results from all your services.

What Plumbing Materials Work For Your Plumbing Repairs

As important as it is to be well versed in all your plumbing materials, it’s equally important to know what repair works best. Most homeowners will opt for a simple patch or repair to fix a leaking or damaged pipe. While this can work in some cases, it may not always be the best bet. A full pipe replacement may be needed in certain scenarios including:

  • Burst pipe emergencies
  • Old deteriorating pipes
  • Severe scale buildup
  • Root growth

Instead of performing a drain cleaning or a patch, you could instead replace sections of plumbing, to provide better water flow in a longer-lasting repair solution. This all depends also on the type of material used in the home to begin with.

PVC Pipes Allow For Custom Solutions


A plumbers best friend is the PVC pipe. These pipes are durable, strong, and can easily be custom cut to fit any and all needs. Because they’re essentially a hardened plastic, they can be cut to size based on what you need.

This allows for easy work in tight spaces, and can also be a great help when replacing entire sections of pipe. PVC pipes are also cost-effective, making them a popular choice among most of your customers.

Cast Iron Pipes Are Strong & Long-Lasting


If you’re working on an older home, chances are you may come across cast iron pipes. These pipes are durable and can last sometimes up to 50 years!

Because of this durability, they’re often on the more expensive side, but for homeowners with a larger budget, they could be a great option for a whole home repiping.

If you’re repairing existing cast iron pipes, you also need to be careful as fittings can easily be damaged over time.

Chromed Copper is Ideal For Good-Looking Pipes


Copper is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens for both gas lines and water lines. These pipes are durable, have airtight fittings, and can easily be cut to fit in tight spaces. But if you’re not a fan of the copper look, you can opt for chromed copper, which is essentially a copper pipe finished in chrome for a modern and high-end look. This is always a great option for homeowners looking to leave pipes exposed for an industrial look that still keeps things classy.

Find a Plumbing Mentorship

The best way to make the most of your plumbing education is to find a good mentor. For apprentice plumbers in Lexington, Dr. Rooter is that plumbing company. With years of experience, high-quality plumbing solutions, and a full range of plumbing services for every occasion, you can learn just about everything you’ll need to succeed in the plumbing industry.

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