Biggest Plumbing Myths

By: Ashley Elvington
                In the age of DIY (Do It Yourself), there appears to be many “quick fixes” in home maintenance. While many are proud to be self proclaimed “handy men,”  there are many myths out there to be debunked…which, in turn, can save you the trouble of possibly making a problem with your plumbing even worse.
1.       “Drain-o is a miracle worker.” While Drain-o and other pipe system de-cloggers can be effective, massive build-ups can occur over time that even the strongest cleaning liquid cannot break through. Cleaning products may be great for small build-ups every now and then, but calling a plumber is best if this problem happens on an all too often basis, because they have the tools to make the problem completely disappear.
2.       “I shouldn’t worry about a leaky faucet.” If a pipe is leaking water, you should be concerned; no matter how great or small the leakage is. Most big problems start small! It may not be as simple as tightening a washer to the leaking pipe.
3.       “I can effectively clean my garbage disposal with lemons.” Squeezing lemon juice or throwing peels or even pieces down the disposal drain do absolutely nothing to clean the disposal. If anything, it only adds to the clutter and provides a lemon scent in the process.
4.       “If there’s water running through the pipes, there’s no need to have them cleaned.” Bacteria, rust, mold, mildew, etc., can accumulate over time, no matter if pipes are clogged or unclogged. That is why it is best to have a professional clean them. They know what to look for and how to solve each issue effectively.
5.       “If I leave the water running while the garbage disposal is on, food will travel through the pipes quicker.” The only time water can play an effective role in garbage disposal is if you use it to break down thicker foods. If there’s a clog or slow drain in the disposal already, water will only do more harm than good in this case by causing more build-up.
6.       “It doesn’t matter what I flush down the toilet; if it’s small, it will eventually drain.” Unfortunately, even flushable wipes aren’t excluded from causing toilet clogs. Your best bet when it comes to flushing is to stick to toilet paper.
                Whether you’re experiencing issues big or small, we at Dr. Rooter Plumbing are here to help “unclog” your life of plumbing troubles!